Have You Seen New Signs on the Chain of Lakes?

Have you noticed the Chain of Lakes Water Trail signs in the ground near your favorite water access? Maybe you have seen them from the road or from the water and wondered what they are. Getting these signs in the ground was a huge undertaking and a massive milestone for Paddle Antrim, you can read more about that here.  Below is a brief explanation of the three different types of water trail signs that can be found throughout the trail, their purpose, and the value they bring to paddlers and the general public. 

Kiosks – Kiosks have been placed at trailheads and secondary access sites along the water trail. These kiosks have a full map of the Water Trail identifying the amenities at each access site, travel distances, and route skill level recommendations. The opposite side includes site specific information, suggested paddling routes as well as safety and stewardship information. Many safety topics are covered including wearing a life jacket, filing a float plan, planning for changing weather, sharing the waters with others users and more. Stewardship topics include loon protection, aquatic invasive species prevention, ways to protect our waters and more. For access sites in one of the four villages, there’s a large map identifying places to eat, water related businesses, lodging and other points of interest. 

Wayfinding –  These large orange reflective signs are located at the water’s edge and help paddlers spot their access site while they are on the water. They also feature a map on the land facing side of the sign which helps paddlers pinpoint their location and plan their paddle. 

Emergency Access wayfinding – These large yellow reflective signs are located at the water’s edge for paddlers to see when out on the water. These sites are not intended for launching and landing but provide paddlers spot a place to get out in case of emergency. They have a map on the land facing side of the sign which helps the paddler pinpoint their location.

The majority of the signs throughout the water trail give individuals and businesses the opportunity to sponsor them. If you are interested in sponsoring a sign at your favorite access site or an access site near your business,  reach out to ellie@paddleantrim.com for more information. These sponsorships ensure the future of the Water Trail.