Paddle Antrim Festival

Join us September 12 – 14, 2024

Registration will open Spring 2024

The Paddle Antrim Festival celebrates the amazing waterways and communities of Northern Michigan. The Festival, always the second weekend after Labor Day, includes a two-day paddle event through the Chain of Lakes Water Trail. This choose your own adventure paddle provides the opportunity for you to paddle one or both days and decide how far to travel. There are exits strategically placed along the route so you may go anywhere from 7 miles to all 42 miles.

The Paddle Antrim Festival is Presented By:






  • 5:30 pm-7:30 pm – Ellsworth River Park (6625 Bridge St.) – Paddler Check-in, boat drop off, and boat wash station open.
  • 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm – Ellsworth River Park (6625 Bridge St.) – Kick off Party hosted by the Village of Ellsworth


  • 8:30 am-9:30 am – Ellsworth River Park (6625 Bridge St.) – Paddler Check-in. Breakfast will be available to those who purchased with registration.
  • 9:30 am – Ellsworth River Park (6625 Bridge St.) – Safety brief. All paddlers must be in attendance.
  • 9:45 am – Launch!
  • Central Lake’s Thurston Park (7854 Bradford St)  – Lunch for paddlers who purchased during registration.
  • 1:15 – All paddlers who intend to paddle to Bellaire must be past the Central Lake Checkpoint.
  • 2:00 pm -5:00 pm – Bellaire Richardi Park (100 E Antrim St.) – Block Party hosted by the Bellaire Chamber of Commerce. Saturday only paddlers may check-in and pick up packets during the Block Party.  


  • 7:00 am -7:45 am – Ohio Street Launch (google directions) – Paddler Check-in. Breakfast for those who purchased with registration.
  • 7:45 am – Ohio Street Launch – Safety brief. All paddlers must attend, even those who paddled Friday.
  • 8:00 am – Launch! We will launch paddlers who are going past checkpoint 1 first. A bagged lunch will be provided for paddlers who purchased it during registration (please have a drybag to store until you are ready to eat).
  • 3:30 pm – After 3:30PM paddlers must exit at the next checkpoint they come to.
  • 3:00-8:00 – Final Bash – hosted  by our top sponsor – Short’s Brewing Company at their Pull Barn in Elk Rapids (211 Industrial Park) – Join us for a great celebration!

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service will be available for people, no boats. When you register, identify where you are going to end your paddle. That is the location you will drop off your vehicle the morning you paddle (times/locations below). Shuttle buses will pick up passengers and drive you to the launch.  This way your vehicle is waiting for you when you get off the water.  You must drop off your boat/equipment at the launch prior to taking the shuttle.  All shuttle passengers must pre-register for shuttle service with registration to ensure enough seating. Shuttles are $15/per person/per day

DAY 1:

Checkpoint 2: Richardi Park parking lot (100 E Antrim St.) – 8:30 am you may need to park along street

Checkpoint 1: Central Lake Thurston Park Pavilion near playground (Pavilion on State St)  – 8:45 am – parking is along street

DAY 2:

Checkpoint 4: Elk Rapids Rotary Park (305 US-31) – 6:30 am – Park in parking lot by Swan Statue (not launch)

Checkpoints 2 & 3: Torch River Bridge DNR Parking lot  – 6:45 am – Recreation Passport required

Checkpoint 1: Dockside Restaurant ( 6340 Old Torch Lake Dr, Bellaire)– 7:00 am– Park in spaces away from restaurant and water, along roadway

Meal Options

Don’t want to worry about meals? No problem! Breakfast and lunches can be provided but must be added during registration. If you don’t register for meals, make sure to bring enough food to replace all those calories you burn while paddling, there aren’t places along the route to grab food. 

Friday Breakfast – Burritos (veggie and meat option) and coffee will be available.  

Friday Lunch – Turkey Wrap or Veggie Wrap. Sides: Italian pasta salad and chocolate chip cookie. 

Saturday Breakfast – Bagel Sandwiches: Vegetarian (everything bagel with egg, tomato, avocado spread & provolone cheese) or  Meat (plain bagel with sage sausage, egg & cheddar cheese). Coffee will be available. 

Saturday Lunch – Turkey Wrap  or Veg Wrap  Sides: Trail mix, apple, chocolate chip cookie. 

Saturday lunches will be provided at the beginning launch to eat along the route. Please bring a dry bag (or large ziplock) to keep your lunch dry.


Check out our lodging section for great places to stay. Many of these local businesses offer great specials to paddlers during the event.  

Equipment and Rental Accessories

Check out our outfitters section to find out where you can rent a boat locally or pick up any last minute paddling supplies. Paddles and Pedals in Bellaire is the only rental place locally we are aware of who has boats which meet our safety requirements to go past Checkpoint 1 on Day 2. 

Boat Wash Station

We will have a mobile boat washing station at check-in and exit on Day 1. In an effort to safeguard against invasive species, Paddle Antrim is requiring that either:

  1. A) Participants have their paddle crafts and equipment washed and inspected at the check-in by staff and mobile boat washing unit. OR
  2. B) assure with officials at registration that their watercraft and equipment have not been in another body of water for 10 or more days. OR
  3. C) their watercraft and equipment have been power washed with hot water.

Overnight Security

To help make logistics easier, Paddle Antrim provides overnight security at the launches for those who would prefer to leave their paddle craft overnight. Security will allow individuals to drop off but no one will be allowed to remove anything.  Paddle Antrim is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.

  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. All participants must be 18 years or older and in proper physical condition to participate.
  3. All types of (non-motorized) kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, and surfskis will be allowed for Day 1 (Friday) and also Day 2 (Saturday) up to Checkpoint 1 (Dockside – 9 miles). All crafts must exit at Dockside unless the criteria below (#4) is met.
  4. To paddle Saturday past Dockside (9 miles), your paddle craft must be one of the following. Each craft will be inspected for compliance, please feel free to contact us if you have questions on your specific boat.
    A. A kayak with water-tight bulkheads in the bow and the stern and a minimum length of 12 feet (example photo). Positive secured flotation is allowed in lieu of bulkheads  but may be subject to demonstrating ability to displace enough water to complete a deep-water re-entry. (For flotation bag examples, click here)
    B. A sit on top kayak with a minimum length of 12 feet.
    C. A surfski with a minimum length of 12 feet. A boat leash is required.
    D. A paddle board with a minimum length of 12 feet. A leash is required.
  5. A US Coast Guard approved inherently buoyant vest-style personal flotation device (PFD, i.e. life jacket) must be properly worn at all times. No inflatable or belt style life jackets are allowed.
  6. PADDLER SAFETY IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US! A whistle, flares, or other signaling device is required. We recommend paddlers have the ability to do some form of kayak remount or self-rescue. Spray skirts are recommended but only if you are skilled in doing a wet exit while wearing one. Paddlers should never paddle alone, especially in large or rough bodies of waters.
  7. All paddlers must attend the safety briefing prior to the paddle and follow the designated course.
  8. No alcohol will be allowed on the water.  Paddlers who consume alcohol before or during, including at checkpoints, will not be allowed to continue.  
  9. No pets are allowed.
  10. Paddle Antrim reserves the right to change the route or remove any paddler from the event due to any safety concerns. 
  11. Registrations may be refunded 75% (minus processing fees) if made by August 14th. All registrations are final after August 14th. Transfer of registrations to another individual may be requested anytime. 


  • Register by July 13 at 4 pm for early bird pricing
  • Register by August 15 at 4 pm to guarantee festival t-shirt size
  • Registration closes on September 10 
  Single Paddler 1 day Single Paddler 2 days Tandem Paddler 1 Day Tandem Paddler 2 days
Early Registration $65 $100 $110 $170
After July 13th $70 $110 $120 $180


Optional Add-ons Cost (per person per day)
Shuttle $15
Breakfast  $8
Lunch  $10

Registration includes:

  • A great time both on and off the water!
  • 2023 Paddle Antrim Festival t-shirt
  • 2023 Festival Sticker
  • Boat Number
  • Motorized boats & support paddlers along the route
  • Paid security to watch boats overnight (Thursday & Friday nights)
  • Restrooms at each checkpoint
  • Attendance at the Kick Off Party, Block Party, and Final Bash
  • Complimentary Short’s Brewing Company beer at Bellaire Block Party
  • Complimentary Short’s Brewing Company beverage at the Final Bash


Paddling Route

Friday:  Begin in Ellsworth and travel 7 miles through four small lakes to the first checkpoint in Central Lake, a great spot to get out and stretch. For those who continue, it’s another 8 miles through Intermediate Lake to Bellaire.  Time to complete the entire route averages 4-7 hours.

Saturday: Begin in Bellaire  and travel 9 miles to the first checkpoint, Dockside Restaurant’s Beach. For those whose boat meets the additional criteria, you can continue and travel up to 27 miles to Elk Rapids.  There are 2 additional checkpoints along the way (#2 Torch River Bridge at 17 miles & #3 Chippewa Trail at 21 miles) where paddlers can end their day to make it a perfect adventure for them.  To complete the entire route, paddlers must stay focused and paddling averages 8-10 hours to complete the entire route, depending on ability and conditions.  The first 9 miles are calmer waters but after the first checkpoint the route includes larger lakes and a lake crossing which requires a higher skill level.  Choose the best adventure for you and your ability and feel free to end your paddle at any checkpoint, this is not a race!

Possible Paddling Experiences

These paddling experiences are just to give you an idea of the possibilities this event can provide and we encourage paddlers to choose the experience that is right for them. Paddlers should always paddle with someone and can always exit at any checkpoint along the route.  Whichever day or route is chosen, paddlers can participate in the local events all weekend long.

Beginner: For new paddlers or those looking for a shorter relaxed route, consider registering for Friday and exiting the first checkpoint in Central Lake for a total of 7 miles. Note: For many recreational paddle boarders, 7 miles will be a long distance. 

Intermediate: Both days offer great intermediate routes. On Friday, the entire 15 mile route is considered an intermediate level paddle. On Saturday, paddling to the first checkpoint (9 miles) is a great intermediate route. After the first checkpoint, your boat must meet the additional criteria and you should consider the day’s conditions as waves are common once going past the first checkpoint and entering Torch Lake.

Advanced: The entire 42 miles over the two days is no small feat and the names of all those who complete the entire route are recognized on the “Hall of Fame”. On Day 2, after mile 9, paddlers can expect waves and wind for the remaining paddle, which includes a lake crossing for the final six miles. Crafts going past 9 miles on Day 2 MUST meet the additional requirements outlined in the rules.  Paddlers should have self-rescue skills and proper safety equipment not limited to: flotation/airtight bulkheads, bilge pump, paddle float, spray skirt with wet exit experience, and a signaling device.

Kickoff Party

Thursday – Ellsworth River Park – 5:30-7:30 pm – Drop off your boat, check-in and stay to enjoy a relaxing evening with fellow paddlers hosted by the Village of Ellsworth.  There will be food and live music. 

Block Party

Friday – Bellaire Richardi Park – 2:00-5:00 pm – After paddling, paddlers can stay and join us for some fun in Richardi Park.  The Bellaire Chamber of Commerce will host a block party to celebrate a great first day on the water. There will be outdoor games, live music,  snacks and a complimentary Short’s beer for paddlers. 

Final Bash

Saturday – Elk Rapids – 3:00 – 8:00 pm – Whether you paddled hard, helped someone else paddle, or if you just enjoy a good time, join us for the Final Bash on Saturday at Short’s Brewing Company‘s Pull Barn (211 Industrial Park Rd, Elk Rapids). With great brews and live music, it is a perfect end to a great weekend. Grab some food from the available food trucks, enjoy some yard games and celebrate with new and old friends. 

Looking for Paddle Antrim gear or a map of the water trail?

Go to:

Short’s Brewing Company is the presenting sponsor of the 2023 Paddle Antrim Festival. 

Thank you to all of our amazing 2023 Wavemaker sponsors! Their sponsorship is key to being able to host such an amazing event and raise money to protect our waterways! Please take a moment to thank these great folks for making this all happen!

2023 Wavemaker Listing

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers. Executing this festival takes a village and we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help.

Interested in becoming a volunteer? Please take a moment to fill out our Volunteer Form or contact us at

Click below to see our great photos from the 2022 Paddle Antrim Festival

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Kick-Off Party and Friday Launch – Ellsworth River Park (6625 Bridge St.)


Checkpoint 1 /Lunch Stop – Central Lake Thurston Park Pavilion near playground (Pavilion on State St) 

Block Party / Day 1 Checkpoint 2 – Richardi Park parking lot (100 E Antrim St.)


Launch – Ohio Street Launch 

Checkpoint 1-  Dockside Restaurant ( 6340 Old Torch Lake Dr, Bellaire)

Checkpoints 2 & 3-  Torch River Bridge DNR

Checkpoint 4-  Elk Rapids Rotary Park (305 US-31)

Final Bash – Short’s Brewing Company’s Pull Barn (211 Industrial Park Rd, Elk Rapids)



Still looking for more information? Click below to read the Paddle Antrim Festival’s frequently asked questions.

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