Do you love our waterways and want to keep them clean for generations to come? At Paddle Antrim we know that connecting people to our waterways through paddle sports is key to keeping our waterways pristine. Increasing water resource protection is also critical to the economic vitality of this region which is largely driven by water tourism. 

A wellspring is a source/head of a spring, stream, or river. A continual source of supply. Paddle Antrim is a nonprofit (501c3) and we rely on the generous giving of individual donors to keep our organization running. Wellspring Supporters are a special group of recurring donors and they are key to providing sustained revenue sources, allowing us to focus on our mission-related work. Becoming a Wellspring Supporter is easy and convenient. Our program allows flexibility to make bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly payments. You will receive notifications for each payment and an end of the year statement. As a Wellspring Supporter, you will get regular updates and invitations to special events.  

Join us this month and become a Wellspring Supporter your donation will be matched by a $100 gift from generous donors, giving your gift an even greater impact.