Recently, I met a woman who shared her excitement about watching minks play along the shore near Central Lake. When I asked where else on the Chain of Lakes she has visited, she admitted that while she was born here, she has not explored beyond her home and Village parks because she wasn’t sure where to go.

We need your support to help us improve access to and protect the water quality of our lakes and rivers.

By improving access, we can engage more people out on the water. When people have fun and positive experiences on the water, they fall in love with a place. It’s this sense of care that leads to a curiosity about what makes a place special and nurtures an instinct to protect it.

In the coming year, we are committed to improving access by creating the Chain of Lakes Water Trail. Our goals for the next two years are real and tangible: by the end of 2019, we will have designed and installed signs for every water trail access site where we have approved agreements with site owners. We need your support to make the vision of an accessible and well-marked water trail connecting villages, parks, and natural areas through the Chain of Lakes a reality.

Help us open the trail and protect the lakes and rivers you love. Please consider supporting all the work we do with a year-end 100% tax deductible donation.

Warmest Regards,
Deana Jerdee
Executive Director

PS. Paddle Antrim relies on donors just like you for supporting our operational expenses so we can focus on implementing the water trail program, outreach/safety events and other great programs.

(Photo Credit: Matthew Malpass)