Aquatic Invader Field Guide


Our 26-page waterproof guide is your go-to resource for identifying aquatic invasive species in Northern Michigan. Whether you’re a local enthusiast or a visitor, stay informed and protect our waters with this comprehensive guide.

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Introducing our Aquatic Invaders Field Guide tailored for lake and stream monitors, a must-have resource packed with essential information.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Waterproof and Comprehensive: With 26 front-and-back pages, this guide stands up to any aquatic adventure.
  • Spotlight on 24 Aquatic Invaders: Featuring detailed information and photos, it arms you with knowledge about 24 invasive species to be on the lookout for in Northern Michigan.
  • Seamless Reporting with QR Codes: Utilize QR codes for swift reporting to the Midwest Invasive Species Network (MISIN). Effortlessly contribute to the preservation of our waterways.

Empower yourself with this field guide, designed to aid stewardship efforts and safeguard the natural beauty of our lakes and streams.

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