Paddle Antrim Awards over $2,000 in Grants for Northern Michigan Waterway Projects

Paddle Antrim is thrilled to announce the recipients of its Ripple Effect Mini Grant Program. Three projects have been selected to receive a combined total of $2,118, contributing to the protection, education, and enhanced access to waterways in Northern Michigan.

The following projects have been chosen as recipients of the grants:

  • Michigan 4-H Foundation for Antrim County 4-H: Antrim County 4-H will organize two introductory kayaking trips from Bellaire to Intermediate Lake and back. The participants will receive valuable education on water safety, paddle techniques, navigation, and stewardship.
  • Wagbo Farm and Education Center: The organization plans to implement a stormwater improvement plan aimed at reducing runoff through absorption, redirecting and capturing rooftop runoff, and infiltrating the remaining runoff before it enters the creek and ditches, ultimately leading to the Jordan River.
  • Conservation Resource Alliance: This project involves the construction of bank full spanning bridges and the installation of best management practices (BMPs) for stabilization, road runoff control, and stream restoration at two crossing sites. The objective is to reestablish a natural riverine ecosystem function.

The Ripple Effect Mini Grant Program focuses on providing financial support to local nonprofit and governmental organizations whose projects align with Paddle Antrim’s mission. This mission entails water resource protection, promoting regional economic vitality through stewardship, education, improved water trail access, and waterway promotion.

Since its inception in 2015, the Ripple Effect Mini Grant Program has awarded over $32,500 to fund a total of 24 projects. Paddle Antrim remains committed to continuing its support for projects that positively impact the Northern Michigan waterways.

The next round of funding for the Ripple Effect Mini Grant Program is scheduled for fall 2023. To learn more about Paddle Antrim or the Ripple Effect Grant Program, please visit