Paddle Antrim Awards $2,000 to Benefit Northern Michigan Waterways through Mini Grant Program

Paddle Antrim is excited to announce the allocation of $2,000 to two projects that will positively impact Northern Michigan’s waterways through the Ripple Effect Mini Grant Program.

The Ripple Effect Mini Grant Program by Paddle Antrim is entirely supported by the revenue generated from the nonprofit’s events, such as the Paddle Antrim Festival, alongside proceeds from paddling classes. Deana Jerdee, Executive Director of Paddle Antrim, highlighted, “A portion of the proceeds from our events is channeled directly into this program. This initiative empowers our small nonprofit to extend our outreach and foster collaborations with like-minded organizations sharing our mission.”

The Fall 2023 grant program has granted funds to Antrim County Emergency Management (ACEM) and Three Lakes Association.

Antrim County Emergency Management has been awarded funds to support the purchase of four 800MHz radios utilized in daily operations, special events, and emergency situations. These radios play a crucial role in both on-water and off-water emergencies, including their use during the Paddle Antrim Festival, serving Antrim County and surrounding region’s 7 county partners. This marks the fifth round of funding ACEM has received from Paddle Antrim’s Ripple Effect Mini Grants. Past funding has gone toward the purchase of CPR mannequins for training and additional 800MHz radios.

The Three Lakes Association will utilize the funding to further their ongoing investigation into the root causes of golden-brown algae (GBA) that has accumulated on the bottom of area lakes in recent years. This marks the second round of funding they have received from Paddle Antrim for this continuous research. Rick Doornbos, Vice President and Water Quality Chair of Three Lakes Association, emphasized, “GBA significantly impacts the recreational experience for all lake users, including boaters, visitors, water sports enthusiasts, community members, and anyone who cherishes the pristine waters in our region. The insights gained from this study may lead to actionable measures enhancing their overall experience.”

Paddle Antrim’s core mission is to safeguard water resources and bolster the economic vitality of the region through stewardship, education, improved water trail access, and promotion of the waterways. Since 2015, Paddle Antrim has funded 26 projects, allocating over $34,400, and making a positive impact on more than 10 communities through the Ripple Effect Mini Grant Program. The next round of funding is scheduled for Fall 2024. 

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