Completed Projects

Antrim Conservation District

Antrim Conservation District was awarded $565 toward the installation of a rain garden in Ellsworth in conjunction with the school’s Lancer Leap program. The rain garden captures and filters water runn-off from the parking lot.

Boardman River Clean Sweep

The Boardman River Clean Sweep was awarded $400 for equipment to host a clean-up on Torch River in August 2019. They purchased extendable spears and grabbers for doing cleanups in deeper water. The tools will be used for many other cleanup projects similar to this.

The Au Sable Institute

The Au Sable Institute was awarded $500 toward installation of a hoop house greenhouse to grow their own native plants for their REYS program which provides environmental education to 5th graders.

Village of Bellaire

Funding was provided through several grants to the Village of Bellaire for site improvements with the ultimate goal of a universal access kayak launch at Richardi Park. This project has been done in phases. In 2017 The Village of Bellaire completed construction plans, including the site plan, sections and plan details for the alternate trailhead site in Richardi Park. In 2018 they were awarded a grant to complete soil boringing. In 2019 they completed site development, pathway development, and shoreline stabilizations.

Antrim County Emergency Management

Antrim County Emergency Management was provided $1750 to purchase two 800 mHz radios for Antrim County. These radios are used for many activities including water related trainings for our emergency responders and events on the water like our Paddle Antrim Festival.

Grass River Natural Area’s Nature Center

Grant dollars provided funding for the design and installation of new interpretive panels for the Grass River Natural Area’s Nature Center. GRNA completed an interpretive plan that outlines their key messages to communicate with visitors. These key messages are now visually communicated with the design and fabrication of new interpretive panels and exhibits in the Grass River Center.

Milton Township

Milton Township was awarded $1000 towards the installation of the first universal access kayak launch on The Chain of Lakes Water Trail at Milton Township Waterfront Park in Kewadin. They were also awarded $1,600 to add kayak racks and a sidewalk connector to their kayak launch.

The Village of Elk Rapids

The Village of Elk Rapids was awarded $600 toward purchasing kayak racks at the Rotary Park Kayak Launch and at the end of River Street and Bridge Street.

Antrim Conservation District

Antrim Conservation District, in partnership with Helena Township, installed a kayak slide to provide an additional access point for paddlers on the Chain of Lakes Water Trail at the Alden Ball Park.

The Upper Chain of Lakes Association

The Upper Chain of Lakes Association did maintenance on the educational buoys that identify the no-wake zones on portions of the Upper portion of the Chain of Lakes Water Trail.

The Watershed Center

The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay upgraded their Bay Monitor, a 23’ eco-friendly aluminum hulled tugboat which is used for water quality monitoring, research, and educational purposes.

Antrim County Emergency Management

Antrim County Emergency Management was awarded $925 to purchase an adult CPR water rescue manikin to assist with water rescue training for all fire departments.

Grass River Natural area

Grass River Natural area was awarded $1000 to assist in their efforts to launch a “Links in the Chain Outreach Initiative” to educate residents and visitors on water and stream ecology, which will include an interactive stream table.

Intermediate Lake Association

Intermediate Lake Association was awarded $1000 to continue their dissolved oxygen monitoring program in Intermediate Lake.