10 Year Paddle Challenge

Join us for an exciting celebration during the 2024 paddling season as we commemorate 10 incredible years of Paddle Antrim with a self-paced paddling challenge!

We are excited to celebrate 10 years since Paddle Antrim became a designated 501c3 and we began our mission to protect our water resources by using paddle sports to connect people to our waterways. 

We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this significant milestone than encouraging paddlers to get out on the Chain of Lakes Water Trail to explore the over 100 miles of paddling. We hope you enjoy this challenge and encourage your friends and family to join you as you paddle 10 miles or take 10 trips (or both!) on the water trail. Happy paddling! 

The Challenge:

It’s free to join the challenge and it’s straightforward to complete, just follow the steps below. 

  1. Sign-up for the challenge 
  2. Complete 10 miles or 10 trips on the water trail 
  3. Submit a competition form  once you have finished the challenge

All paddlers who complete the challenge receive a commemorative sticker and a chain of lakes water trail map hoorag.

Feel free to reach out with questions at info@paddleantirm.com.


Find Your Route:

Need help deciding where you go? Here are links to helpful resources when planning your trip(s). 

Challenge Tips:

Safety First!  

  • Wear a snug life jacket that doesn’t ride up. 
  • Carry essential gear: signaling device, communication tools, first aid kit, spare clothes, water/snacks.
  • Know your limits and return if uncomfortable. 
  • Stay aware of changing weather; leave the water if it worsens.
  • Dress for water temperature; avoid cotton, opt for bright colors.
  • Share your plan with a friend.
  • Offer help to those in need. 
  • Take a paddling class with Paddle Antrim or an ACA instructor.
  • View more safety tips

Protect our Waterways

  • Preserve nature’s beauty – Carry out your trash and any litter found. 
  • Stick to the trail – Use established paths and launches to minimize erosion. 
  • Protect loons – Steer clear of active nests and young chicks in the water. Observe from a distance using binoculars to prevent disturbing them. 
  • Prevent aquatic invasive species – Clean, drain, and dry your equipment after each outing to halt their spread.

Share Your Journey:

Don’t forget to share your progress with us along the way by using the #10milesfor10years hashtag on social media! If you have a story or photo from your challenge, send it to info@paddleantrim.com to be featured in our communications!

When you’ve completed the challenge, please submit a completion form so we can mail you your patch and sticker.


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